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Ethereal 0.99.4

Downloads: 335271
File size: 14.46MB
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
License: Open Source
Ethereal is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows.

Ethereal 0.99.4 Change Log
The following vulnerabilities have been fixed
- The HTTP dissector could crash. (Bugs [2]1050 and [3]1079)
- The LDAP dissector (and possibly others) could crash. (Bug [5]1054)
- The XOT dissector could attempt to allocate a large amount of memory and crash. (Bug [7]1133)
- The WBXML dissector could crash. (Bug [9]1134)
- The MIME Multipart dissector was susceptible to an off-by-one error. (Bug [11]1135)
- If AirPcap support was enabled, parsing a WEP key could sometimes cause a crash.

The following bugs have been fixed
- The file set dialog could grow excessively large. ([13]Bug 331)
- Trying to save flow data may crash Wireshark. ([14]Bug 396)
- It may not be possible to re-order coloring rules under Windows. ([15]Bug 699)
- Printing each packet to a new page didn't work under Windows. ([16]Bug 707)
- The personal hosts configuration file wasn't being parsed correctly. ([17]Bug 795)
- "Save as" to an existing file wasn't allowed. ([18]Bug 927)
- The SNMP dissector was not handling 64-bit counters properly. ([19]Bug 1047)
- Wireshark and TShark would fail to start under Windows while trying to acquire a crypto context. ([20]Bug 1096)
- The HTTP content-length field was a string instead of an integer. ([21]Bug 1109)
- Invalid characters could show up in PDML output. ([22]Bug 1110)

New and Updated Features
- [23]AirPcap, support (which provides raw mode capture under Windows) has been enhanced to allow capturing on multiple AirPcap adapters simultaneously using the Multi-Channel Aggregator.
- VoIP call playback has been enhanced. If Wireshark is linked with the PortAudio library, you can play back G.711 conversations. This feature is present in the standard Windows installer.
- The capture interface dialog display has been enhanced.
- The "Save" button has been removed from the "Ok" / "Apply" / "Cancel" button group in the following dialogs:
: Edit/Preferences, View/Coloring Rules, Capture/Capture Filters,Analyze/Display Filters, Analyze/Enabled Protocols
- Reading from stdin ("-i -") now works under Windows.
- Expert analysis has been improved.
- Wireshark now supports USB as a media type. If you're running a Linux distribution with version 2.6.11 of the kernel or greater and you have the usbmon module enabled and you have a recent CVS version of libpcap (post-0.9.5) installed you can also do live captures. More details can be found at the [24]USB capture setup page on the wiki.
- The number of WEP keys that the user can specify in the IEEE 802.11 protocol preferences has been increased from 4 to 64.

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